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Maybe you just made the decision to start your own business? The idea was mature, you made a concept, collected the funds, got the necessary permissions, and … You did it! Congratulations! What next? You need a good presentation on the market. We need clients who will find out about you and use your company’s services. You do not have the time, and, most importantly, you have no money for investing. Did you hear that the design of the log was done? Do you need any advertising material, flyers, brochures? Your web site. You must not even think about it. You are charged and are concerned. Stop! You do not need a calculator. You need a result.

Dear Customers, You already have your own small private company and job experience. You have the base of your clients. You did a couple of jobs, some were even quite satisfactory. Business is going, do not feel sorry … Although sometimes the niche is quite satisfied, right? When you look at work statistics and results, it may be better. You yourself know that there is growing competition in the market. It is very important how you will present yourself new, but also how to preserve your existing customers. Show them you’re innovative. Add some new colors and create a new visual identity for your brand. Do you think that you are redesigning your logo? Why not? Do not be afraid of changes, they bring us new business challenges.

Dear clients, nothing is as expensive as your time. You need someone who will understand your needs and ideas. Someone with whom you will easily communicate. Your ideas are scattered and you do not know what to do first. Let’s make things simpler. We will offer you several solutions according to your needs. We will help you create a new and different visual identity for your company. A good brand makes the simplest graphic design solutions, but you’re not even aware of it. Think about it.

Remember, no question is stupid. If you have some ideas and doubts, or you just need advice – contact us. It’s not all in money, something is in the council. We will be glad to help you and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Forget about costly agencies whose cost calculations have no end. about costly agencies

Be simple and practical. Contact us because we are doing our best, we understand you and do a miracle to give you the ideal graphic solutions for you. We’re thinking about your time and money. Why choose us and who are we? From this moment we begin to save you time and money.

In today’s time, art is to combine the true color, the true word, the true form, and to give all the necessary meaning to everything. Hit the target. Play with emotion and rest in the soul of your client. Talk without much talk. Can this do? Of course. We just wanted this kind of approach far away in 2016 and in a small town in Serbia – Novi Sad. We, Nebojša, Vera, Nikola, and Igor, and we gathered together with the idea – to show that the essence of a good graphic design is VISUAL ESSENCE. Aved design with a strong psychological message and color that excites your attention to the eye. We play with colors and shapes by creating customized graphic solutions for each of our clients. We have put special emphasis on, increasingly important, digital advertising. We create banners, brochures, and logos for our customers, both in domestic and foreign markets.

The largest number of our clients are small business owners who occasionally need our services – graphic design, outsourcing, freelance, remote work. We’ve adapted to work in different time zones, and are divided into different sections of our work with our clients – creating an ideal graphic solution in several designs, designing advertising content and slogans, redesigning existing logos, brochures, leaflets, banners. We are creating a new look and giving a new meaning to the brand of your company. There is no working time for us, nor the limits we can not shift.

Founder & Art Director

Nebojsa Novkovic
Social Media & Copywriting

Vera Bozic
Photo & Video Editing

Nikola Marjanovic
Co-Founder & System Administrator

Igor Nenadic